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Generating clean energy through hydrogen with rain and sun


If Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, it is clean energy and NASA has already used it as fuel, how is it that it is not used for everything? Easy, because it is necessary to separate it from other elements, such as oxygen, with which it forms water (H2O). LogisGreen proposes to extract Green Hydrogen from rainwater through a solar-powered electrolysis process. As it is consumed and produced in the same place, the C02 derived from its transport is also avoided

LogisGreen is a Spanish initiative that is part of the Sifónika Group, experts since 2012 in managing rainwater in large roofs more efficiently and safely thanks to the siphon system.

LogisGreen’s objective is to collaborate to align the transport, logistics and industrial processes sectors with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals thanks to a profitable and 100% ecological energy self-consumption system based on Rain Green Hydrogen .

When water is energy: The MHVP

“I believe that one day water will be a fuel, that the hydrogen and oxygen that make it up, used alone or together, will provide an inexhaustible source of energy and light (…)” Jules Verne. 1874. “The Mysterious Island”

LogisGreen combines advanced technologies such as:

  • Electrolysis  of water powered by renewable energies
  • Artificial Intelligence ,  Big Data  and  Internet of Things  through Software that intelligently controls the plant
  • SUDS  (Urban Sustainable Drainage Systems) and rainwater storage tanks
  • Treatment of  rainwater for reuse

We evacuate rainwater from buildings, the faster the better, sometimes generating floods and problems, with water being a valuable  natural resource  to be conserved.

Thanks to its own technological commitment to the key points of the system, developed by LogisGreen’s expert engineers, it is possible to incorporate  energy self-consumption  into  the natural water cycle  in an organic and respectful way, creating a direct positive impact on the company and society.

An energy vector with government support

In these moments of energy crisis, self-consumption of this 100% renewable and clean energy could be key in the decarbonization of the planet. A mid-size LogisGreen system can:

  • Harvest more than 8000 m3 per year. Water that is no longer consumed and transported with the decarbonisation that this implies
  • Eliminate the carbon footprint of hydrogen transport. Since it is produced and consumed in origin
  • Generate at least a power of between 0.5 – 1 MWh
  • Work at full capacity during the 25 years of its useful life
  • Save costs as a result of the efficiency of hydrogen as an energy vector

Proof of this is that Green Hydrogen is supported by the EU through Next Generation funds and in Spain through the Hydrogen Roadmap .


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