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What is Climate Pledge Friendly?


Through this program, more than 40,000 products are for sale, in an easy and accessible way, in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom with one or more than 19 sustainability certifications.

What is Climate Pledge Friendly?

The Climate Pledge Fund is a corporate venture capital fund for companies capable of accelerating Amazon’s journey towards The Climate Pledge.


This investment program (with a seed capital of USD 2 billion) will target visionary companies whose products and solutions facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy.


The Climate Pledge Fund will invest in companies from various industry sectors but will pay particular attention to the following:

  • Transport and logistics
  • Production, storage and use of energy
  • Buildings
  • Production and materials
  • Circular economy
  • Food and agriculture

The Climate Pledge Fund is available globally and will consider companies that develop products or services that reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the conservation of the natural world.

What does zero net emissions mean?

The level of net zero carbon emissions is achieved when a balance is reached between the emissions produced and those removed from the atmosphere. First, companies must reduce the emissions from their activities as much as possible and then invest in credible offsets to eliminate remaining carbon emissions.

Why 2040?

Scientists warn that we have little room for maneuver to make progress towards the measure with the greatest environmental and social impact ever seen: not to exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) increase in global temperature. To achieve this goal, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that the world should cut carbon emissions by at least half by 2030 and reach emissions neutrality by 2050. Through In The Climate Pledge, the signatories are of the opinion that what we should do is reach net emissions equal to zero before 2040 —10 years before that indicated in the Paris Agreement . For our companies, for our planet.

How can I buy Climate Pledge Friendly products?

When searching for products on Amazon, you will see the Climate Pledge Friendly label on available products. You can also see this label on the product page, where you can learn more about the certifications that make the product Climate Pledge Friendly.Click here to browse products by category.

The Climate Pledge Friendly y Amazon

In 2020 Amazon announced the launch of the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. The program will help Spanish customers discover and buy sustainable products more easily. In their searches, customers will now see the “Climate Pledge Friendly” badge on more than 40,000 articles in Europe to indicate that these products have one or more of the 19 different sustainability certifications included in the program and that they help protect the environment. environment, for example, reducing the carbon footprint of shipments to our customers.

The Climate Pledge Friendly selection includes food, home, office, fashion, beauty, electronic devices and other categories for consumers and businesses, from brands such as Cif Ecorefill and Unilever’s Seventh Generation, Faith in Nature, HP, Haglöfs, Calida, Esprit and Kite Clothing. Climate Pledge Friendly products are clearly identified in the results of purchase searches and on product pages, where additional information on sustainability is included, and are presented in a specific section in our store in  Spain . Climate Pledge Friendly includes products from hundreds of small and medium-sized Spanish and European companies.

As part of the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative, Amazon has also launched Compact by Design, a new externally validated certification created by Amazon to identify products that, while they may not always appear different, are more efficiently designed. By removing excess air and water, products require less packaging, making shipping more efficient. At scale, these small differences in the size and weight of a product result in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

One example is Faith in Nature’s plastic-free shampoo bars that are   certified Compact by Design and provide a residue-free alternative to bottled shampoo. Its solid shampoo weighs only a quarter of the weight of a liquid shampoo, significantly reducing weight and packaging.

“Climate Pledge Friendly is an easy way for customers to discover more products with sustainable certifications that help preserve the environment,” said Mariangela Marseglia, VP and Managing Director of “With 18 external certification programs and our own Compact by Design certification, we will help incentivize our business partners to create sustainable products that help protect the planet for generations to come.”

The “Climate Pledge Friendly” initiative supports Amazon’s commitment to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement ten years earlier by achieving CO2 neutrality by 2040. The company has already committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2025 and has ordered more than 1,800 custom electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz to deliver to customers in Europe. Amazon has launched the Climate Pledge Fund, a $ 2 billion fund to support visionary companies whose products and services facilitate the transition to a low-CO2 economy.

Amazon is also working to minimize waste, increase recycling, and provide options for customers to reuse, repair, and recycle. As part of this effort, a wide range of single-use and oxo-biodegradable plastic products are being removed from European stores to help prevent plastic waste. Building on these actions, Amazon will now provide customers with access to product options that align with its commitment to a more sustainable future.

To get detailed information on the program’s qualification criteria and to start purchasing these products, visit  the store  or look for the “Climate Pledge Friendly” badge.

Climate Pledge Friendly Certifications

We have partnered with a wide range of external certifications, including government agencies, non-profit organizations and independent laboratories, to help us identify the most sustainable products. We have focused on trustworthy, transparent certifications with an interest in preserving the environment. We will routinely assess and re-examine the certification landscape to ensure we include the best partners and help you buy more sustainable products.

We have also created our own certification, Compact by Design, to identify products that, while they may not always appear to be very different, are more efficiently designed. By removing excess air and water, products require less packaging and are more efficient to ship.

Below, you will be able to access a complete list of the certifying entities with which we have partnered and direct links to their external websites, where you can obtain more information about each certification and its requirements.

Italian Association of Organic Agriculture

Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica  certifies organic products made by Italian companies, without the use of chemical pesticides.

Buy products certified by Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica

Blue Angel Logo

Blue Angel  guarantees that a product meets strict environmental standards, including the protection of consumers’ health.

Buy products certified by Blue Angel

Bluesign Logo

Bluesign  products are manufactured responsibly, using safer chemicals and fewer resources, which includes less energy in production.

Buy Bluesign Certified Products

Carbonfree Certified

Carbonfree Certified  determines the carbon footprint of the product, and the derived carbon emissions are offset with emission reduction projects.

Buy Carbonfree Certified Products

Certified Carbon Neutral

CarbonNeutral product by Natural Capital Partners  measures all the emissions generated in its manufacture, makes internal reductions and compensates the rest.

Comprar productos CarbonNeutral product by Natural Capital Partners

Carbon Trust Logo

Carbon Neutral by Carbon Trust  products reduce your carbon footprint year after year, and any remaining emissions will be offset.

Selection soon available

Carbon Neutral Certified Logo

Carbon Neutral Certified by SCS Global Services  means that the carbon emissions of the product have been measured and reduced, and that the remaining emissions have been offset.

Selection soon available

Climate neutral by Climate Partner

Climate neutral by ClimatePartner  verifies that the product’s carbon footprint has been calculated, continuously reduced and the remaining emissions offset.

Buy Climate neutral products by ClimatePartner

Compact by Design Logo

Compact by Design  certifies that excess air and water have been removed from these products, reducing the carbon footprint of packaging and shipping.

Buy products certified by Compact by Design

Cradle to Cradle Logo

Cradle to Cradle Certified  Products are made with safer materials and responsible processes that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Buy products certified by Cradle to Cradle


EPEAT  Products are evaluated based on factors such as energy use and sustainability throughout their life cycle.

Buy EPEAT Certified Products

EU Ecolable Logo

EU Ecolabel  Certified products have a reduced environmental impact at multiple stages of their life cycle.

Buy products certified by EU Ecolabel

EU Organic

EU Organic  products have minimal or no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and support animal welfare and non-genetic modification standards.

Buy products certified by EU Organic

EWG Verified

EWG Verified  products are reviewed to ensure that they do not contain the chemicals of concern that EWG recognizes and that they meet strict health standards.

Selection soon available

Fairtrade Logo

Fairtrade International  Products are produced in accordance with ethical and environmental standards, which include supporting farmers to face the challenges of climate change.

Buy Fairtrade International Certified Products

Fair for life

Fair for Life  certifies to promote fair trade and more socially and environmentally responsible supply chains.

Buy Fair for Life Certified Products

Forest Stewardship CouncilLogo

Forest Stewardship Council  This certification supports responsible forestry, helping to preserve forests for future generations. The “Checkmark and Tree” logo, the name “Forest Stewardship Council”, and the initials “FSC” are trademarks owned by Forest Stewardship AC FSC N003392.

Buy Forest Stewardship Council Certified Products


Global Organic Textile Standard  certifies every step in the organic textile supply chain, according to strict ecological and social standards.

Buy products certified by Global Organic Textiles Standard

Global Recycle Standard Logo

Global Recycled Standard  Products are made from at least 50% recycled material and meet social, environmental and chemical requirements.

Selection soon available

Higg Index Materials

Higg Index Materials  seal recognizes products made with materials with lower environmental impact, with supporting data provided to customers.

Buy products certified by Higg Index Materials

Oeko-Tex Made in Green Logo

Made in Green by Oekotex  products are tested to ensure that they do not contain harmful substances and are manufactured in safer workplaces with less environmental impact.

Buy products certified by Made in Green by OEKO TEX


Natrue  certified cosmetics are made from ingredients of natural origin.

Buy Natrue Certified Products

Nordic Swan Logo

Nordic Swan Ecolabel  These products meet requirements in the use of chemicals, resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity.

Buy products certified by Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Organic Content Standard 100 Logo

Organic Content Standard 100  Products are made from at least 95% organically grown materials.

Selection soon available

Rainforest Alliance Logo

Rainforest Alliance  The seal recognizes more sustainable agricultural methods that help improve farmers’ livelihoods and mitigate climate change.

Buy Rainforest Alliance Certified Products

Recycled 100 Claim Standard

Recycled Claim Standard 100  Products are made from at least 95% recycled materials.

Selection soon available

Recycled Blended Claim Standard Logo

Recycled Claim Standard Blended  products included in the program use materials made with at least 50% recycled content.

Selection soon available

Carbon Trust Logo

Reducing CO2  These products reduce your carbon footprint year after year. Certified by Carbon Trust.

Buy products certified by Reducing CO2

Regenerative Organic Certified

Regenerative Organic Certified  certifies products that meet soil health and land management, animal welfare and social justice standards.

Selection soon available

Responsible Wool Standard Logo

Responsible Wool Standard  Wool comes from farms that support animal welfare and responsible land management practices.

Buy products certified by Responsible Wool Standard

Soil Association

Soil Association  certifies organic products and supports the relationship between soil, plants, animals and people.

Buy Soil Association Certified Products


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